Agasthiyar Journey to South

In Hindu mythology, we believe that Agasthiyar came down to earth to create the divine language, Tamil. Agasthiyar was very short in physique but his strength was boundless.

During the wedding ceremony of Shiva with Sati in the Mount Kailash, the entire population, Devas and Rishis had gathered & hence the Northern land dipped down, unable to bear the weight. Lord Shiva asked Sage Agasthiyar to go to the Podhigai ranges in the Southern land in order to balance the weight. Agasthiyar was sad that he could not stay & witness the Lord’s wedding. Shiva promised that he would still be able to see the wedding from the South.

He started his travel towards the Vindhya Range, Pothigai hills. The Podigai hills are located in extreme southern end of the Western Ghats mountain range along the western side of South India.

Agasthiyar reached the south & travelled through various Shiva Sthalams. He reached the Pothigai hills and he was very upset that he was not able to witness the wedding ceremony.

As soon as the wedding was over in Mount Kailash, Shiva along with Sati and Nandi appeared to Agasthiyar and blessed him at Papanasam hills. Every year Agasthiyar idol is brought out of procession to Papanasam temple, to witness the marriage anniversary of lord Shiva and Sati.

Agasthiyar was delighted with Shiva appearance. Later, Agasthiyar established his Ashram at the pothigai hills and started instituting Tamil, siddha medicines. It is still a belief that all the Eighteen sages along with Agasthiyar comes down on every full moon day and perform Pooja at Shiva temple at Agasthiyar hills.

I love story trails, everything is inspired by history, so that’s why I love stories and travel.


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