Writing is the Painting of Voice

Today while cleaning the closet, I saw the old Birthday cards, Good luck cards. The Good Luck card was penned down with moments we enjoyed as a team. It took me back wheeled me to 6 years. Then bounced into slam books, old post cards and message in the bottle book. (Wonder, why this book? may be later in a different Post)

In our hyper-connected world, with its text messaging and its Face-booking and its Twittering, the good, old-fashioned handwritten letter has nearly become extinct. Which is a shame because when it comes to sharing one’s true thoughts, sincere sympathies, ardent love, and deepest gratitude, words traveling along the invisible digital superhighway will never suffice.

I received and wrote a lot of letters when I was kid. Growing up in a joint family, I saw my grandparents  communicated with each other during festival times. Inviting us over to celebrate the Diwali at my Maternal Grandfather home. During summer holidays, we wait for Our Dad letter to be arrived every week where the inland letter will be parted and a separate section for each of us. And writing back to dad within those cringe allotted column was a Himalayan task because we have so much to write about. (Of course, I end up writing in most of my sister’s).

My mom still have some of the letters I wrote from my school days in a box. In that box, we also has a letter of my Mother writing about choosing my name to my Dad when am born. That letter was very special to my heart.

Call me a sentimental fool, but am worried that the art of letter writing is on the way to be utterly lost, dying into the binary code of the future. Many schools no longer teach cursive handwriting, and children grow up learning how to use iPad and computers from early stages. Something beautiful is fading. I can recognize who a letter is from by the handwriting on the envelope.

We have little need of handwriting in this digital age, but it is part of our Identity. We seek for Story trail around us, But The Hand written letters are our own story trails.

After all, Letter writing is not an automatic response. It requires thought and concentration and effort. But, now a days, People often speak without thought. It is, for the most part, an automatic response.

I long to receive a three page, heart-rending, soppy letter, filled with words carefully chosen and eternal. (OK..I’d be happy with one page. I’m not that hard to please.). I have written such letters. Few dated to future me. And Yes, I have one letter enveloped for my future husband too… I know I’m just a hopelessly romantic dreamer, or just pointblank old-fashioned. But it gives hope and happiness.

There are so many reasons to write a letter to someone you care about, if only to know that it might bring a much-needed smile to their face. It’s time to take the initiative and begin the circle of communication.

Letters create lasting memories. Memories form clouds of stories.


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