Music is my Escape

When everyone asked me why I had music notes as my Tattoo, i reply that Music is my escape. Music, I focus on the words, find the harmonies, and lose in the sequence. I don’t know where I go, but its paradise. When hurt, and want to block people out and not talk, I used to turn on my headphones and sink away.. I want to find some lyric that describes my mood.

Music plays a big part in my life. I can’t live without listening to music. Listening to music helps to realize that life is beautiful to face and there is no reason to stop or just sit down in one place and be sad and not doing an action to give a clarification.

The Eidetic Memory I have around songs are creepy. Like a Juke Box, with a word, I can keep singing songs. But I relate to a song I heard every day in my life. I remember or realize hearing those lyrics every time with a back story.

Guess what, listening to music is my escape when there are times that I get bored or stress attack me I just play the lists of song that I have in my favorite Playlist. It helps me a lot to think things patiently on how to handle it at my lowest time in my life.

After the music stops, I sit on the couch, smiling. Sure, no one really knows this side of me, but some have caught glimpses of it–when I danced at the A.R Rahman Concert or When I lost my wits at our Party Nights.

I truly know the meaning for ‘shaking it off.’ I’ve done it so many times, because it’s true…people are going to be fake, they’re going to keep gossiping, lying, stealing, cheating, hating, leaving. But I’ve learned just wait for the lone moment, turn on some songs, and sing and dance until heart is lifted. Music is escape. Be whatever you want to be.

Where words leave off, music begins…


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