Seeing Ourselves Through Reality Distortion Filter

I was Watching Inside Out for the nth time. In that Movie, during one sequence, Joy stumbles into a Dream production Factory. A bunch of stand-ins are refining about on the set in costumes, and then the director calls for the “reality distortion filter”… The camera operator slides a new lens into the camera, and the actors in the set instantly transform into perfectly believable mirror-images of the real-life people being replicated in the dream sequence.

Instantly I Thought of Steve Jobs and the Reality Distortion Filter. RDF is identical with a lifestyle and mentality that hacks luck, filters for success, ignores any “signs” from the universe that we       should stop, is filled with passion, and helps to surround ourselves with people who will help to achieve that goal.

The reality distortion field is the ability to create a belief that is so powerful that it draws other people into believing that it is true. Steve Jobs had the ability to deliberately rebel reality, not only to others but to himself. He was able to deceive himself in a way that allowed him to persuade people into believing his vision, because he has personally embraced and internalized it. Steve Jobs liked to bend reality.

During this bumpy journey of Life, I created a world with its own rules that I survives in — a world that required each person I share my idea needs to adapt as their own. It’s all about benefits of visualization, seeing ourselves achieving the goals and seeing results of the effort as a reality. I came to the point of convincing myself that my confabulated world was actual reality. I realized the difficulty of certain people who always argue against an unconvincing possibility as opportunity and we would make the impossible possible, but that’s not true at all. Finally I understood the difference between possible and impossible very well — better than most in fact.

Reality distortion field, a certain beauty of the concept. We all think about the lives that we want to one day be living, the way that the world will appear to us, the way that we would feel living in such skin. We think about such a life as something that we are aiming to live sometime in the future….

I created a reality distortion field and believe that what I’m doing is right. Have confidence in that what am doing is important. It is a gentle guide to let the world to see things the way I see them, the truths that I see as truths aka the Vision for Future.

Very few people recognize that a Remarkable Life begins and ends with persistent reframing. Without continually reframing myself with new mental models I cannot survive in this Universe.

I believe that the improbable was certain and this belief of what is near impossible for anyone, I will make work for them too to believe otherwise.

Evidently, I don’t want a “me too” Life……


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