The Story of Sky

After Watching Cloudy and the chance of meatballs for the nth time in TV with my sister, and the all-time favorite amazing Food rains, it reminded me of an Old Story I read a while before, The Story of Sky…a Nigeria Folktale.

This story always Special to my heart and always a reminder for me not to waste food and misuse the Natures Gifts…

Long ago, the sky was so close to the earth that anyone could reach up and touch it. We can even break off a piece of the sky — and eat it! Some parts of the sky taste like roasted meat. Some tasted like vegetables or warm fresh bread. Some tasted like cool, sweet, juicy fruits.

The Sky said to the people with a Caution note,“Help yourselves, Take all you need! – But don’t take more.  Take plenty for each meal -but don’t take more…

Sky food is only good when it’s fresh. I don’t want to see sky food rotting on the garbage heap! So be Careful with handling the sky food.”

The people lived an easy happy life. They didn’t have to plant vegetable gardens or paddy fields. They didn’t have to raise cattle or Goat for milk. They didn’t even have to cook! How wonderful is that… The one thing everyone always dreamt off… All their food was there above their heads, ready to eat. They spent their days playing games and dancing, composing songs and poems, telling stories and jokes. They had plenty of time to paint pictures and carve statues. Life was wonderful.

But there will be always a Black sheep to change the happy life into crazy life. One day, a man decided to hold a party. He wanted it to be the biggest party the town had ever seen. He invited everyone!

He set out tables in his yard. He put out bowls and baskets, and gathered sky food to serve his guests. He reached up. Meat from over here; vegetables from there; bread from there and plenty of sweet fruit from over there. Enough? No, he had to be sure. After all, there was always food in the sky. So, He gathered more meat, vegetables, bread, and fruit. And more.

When the guests arrived for the party, they are amazed. No one ever saw so much sky food at once! First they ate, and then they danced. Then they ate some more, and played some games. Then they ate a bit more, and sat down to enjoy some songs and poems.

When they went back for more, they found that the meat and vegetables were no longer hot. The bread was getting stale. The fruit had dried out. No problem, no one was really hungry any more.

After everyone left, the man cleaned up. He dumped the leftover sky food on the garbage heap, and went to bed.

In the morning, the Sky looked down and scowled. “Is that sky food I see on the garbage heap?” It got angry. “I told you: take what you need, but don’t take more. I warned you, I don’t want sky food to be wasted!!” And the Sky got so angry that it pulled far away from the Earth.

So now, even the tallest human can’t touch the sky. Even if you climb a tall tree or building — even if you fly in a plane — you can’t touch the sky. But when there’s a colorful sunset, we can always imagine. Those red clouds might taste like rare meat. Maybe the orange ones taste like vegetables, and the yellow ones like warm crusty bread. Perhaps the pink and purple ones would taste like sweet cool fruits.

But we’ll never know now.  The sky is far away.



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