Why Trance?

Wild locks of hair stream in the breeze. Half-closed eyes stare ahead in an unbreakable trance. His body is poised, executing an inimitable dance move. It’s Lord Shiva from the Hindu pantheon of gods. Smoker, drinker, dope head and Wildman, Shiva is the quintessential god who breaks away from the norm. He lives by his own rules in the deep forests and mountains, dancing, meditating and generally doing whatever the hell he wants. He is as much a wild dancer as he is an ascetic who sits absolutely still.

Breaking the laws of physical nature is spiritual process. In this sense, we are outlaws, and Shiva is the ultimate outlaw. You cannot worship Shiva, but you may join the gang.

Shiva and Trance has always been in harmony. Dance as a performing art has exhaustively explored this aspect and many performances have been set up where Lord Shiva’s portrayal in a state of trance has been depicted either in the form of ‘tandava’ or in a stature of calmness. Trance is a distinctive state of extremity.

The symbolic dance of Shiva has always been an important subject in the trance culture, which is a fact that makes this culture quite connected to a symbolic destruction dance act since its very beginning.

Ever since first heard Trance, I have been taken away by it. Magical, soothing, emotional, heroic are all adjectives to describe the journey this takes us on. To this day Trance still touches me deep within and brings out a level of peace and joy. I love the way the beats changes in and out of the emotional breakdowns and the progressive leads. When it comes to feelings, ecstasy and hypnotism, there is no other genre like trance. It is clear from the name that trance tracks are meant to take us into a state of trance. We forget about our surroundings and get lost in a sea of unconsciousness.

Whenever I get myself into a kind of trance, I engage into an altered world and I sense it’s wonderful to just escape. It calms my mind instantaneously. I try to find the purities out of the confusion it’s pretty old-fashioned, but its fun.

I wish, I visit Shiva Valley – good old Goa trance festivities in the near future, till that time,

Trance: ON; World: OFF

Happy International Music Day!

Pic Courtesy: Bhuvi. Thanks!


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