Travelling from Miss to Mrs…..

Weddings are strange… I never grew up dreaming of the Beautiful bride or the elaborate ceremony. As an over grownup Kid, my daydreams was always about book deals, food, travel, and explore! So when it came to planning a wedding, I didn’t really know what I always wanted.

I had real challenges balanced with great moments of joy. A sure sign of a decision well-made is that I would do it all again. I had gone from no way to yes, from liking to loving. I now enjoy my life and about the importance of listening to one’s parents.

Knowing when to be stubborn and when to give in is an important skill to have. I had to put my foot down on several occasions with family so that the day would go how I wanted it to go. But it is very easy to then become too obstinate, ignoring what are actually very good suggestions and ideas. I think the main advice is to take time over each decision, discuss it with your partner before reacting to people’s suggestions and demands, so that you can tackle them together and support each other through it.

I guess ,I should start with the Wedding Dress. My idea was to go classic with a twist… I spoke to best friends and surfed the internet about having the best wedding Saree for me. I always wanted a Vintage, traditional and Simple Saree. Wearing Pink, Red would be special, an once-in-a-lifetime kind of deal but I wore Dark Green with Maroon accents, and it worked a treat! He found the perfect match as I always wanted. I was over the moon!

 Next, it is really worth spending time finding the right photographer. The day goes by so quickly and having spent so much time and money on the planning, it is great to have the beautiful details and precious moments captured timelessly on film. And a good photographer will also capture the moments we missed, so we can relive them again and again.” My Photographer Mugil Kmv(Snaperture labs) was very patient in listening to my ideas and made my destination wedding comes alive forever.

  I didn’t have to worry about decor, or guests not showing up with unaccounted reasons. There was no concern about a bridesmaid being a diva, a photographer getting crazy with my relatives, or having my makeup resemble a Floorshow act rather than my own style.

The weather on the day was perfect. In the morning, it was quite cold with some drizzles (which made my family to laugh about my soaked rice eating history!), & it was like that but when the wedding is about to begin, the sun came out in full force!

On the morning of the wedding, I woke up, Over the next hour, people started to trickle in… All my Best friends, Siblings friends, Family and Cousins are fluttered around me like wonderful butterflies while I got ready. They all did such an incredible job of making the day beautiful, fun & stress-free, which I really, really felt blessed!

 Our ceremony was beautifully simple, and perfectly us. Our Parents walked me to the temple and he rode a horse to the temple which was such a beautiful and special moment for both of us to enjoy.

 On a Beautiful Temple surrounded by a favorite peoples we tied our Knots in front of our parents, our siblings, Our Best Friends and all of our cousins. 

He was very excited to be married with me, &I felt totally unaware that there was even anyone else around us. I looked deep into his eyes with all my Love, Life took a Beautiful Pause.

 I didn’t tried to impress anyone, or mollify fussy relatives, helped to make it so good. I just did what felt natural & good to us. I strongly believe now that a wedding never to be an expensive, over-the-top spectacle or a fairy tale. In fact, I felt more candid & striking with my minimalist wedding. It’s all about bonding two people, two families & it is not to outdo everything we’ve ever seen at weddings around the world.

It was everything that I dreamed of, and I couldn’t be happier to be Mrs. Prakash.

Marriage is about being with a person who is as complex and imperfect as you are, and accepting them for it.






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