Addict-From Ruins to Restoration- I

When your loved one gets into addiction, You wake up every morning to see the same demons that left you so tired the night before.

On one hand is the fear and sadness as you see your loved one spiralling downwards , on the other is the impact to the family too .

You cannot do anything to make the situation better as that action needs to be taken by another person and not you. You can only take the horse to the water as they say.

When you have thought life has hit a rock bottom, you learn there is another rock bottom deeper than this too . And you realise there are deeper pits ahead.

The person refuses to give up his addiction. And you are scared on where life will take that person if you cut off your relationship .

let us not brush this aspect aside with platitudes. We need to learn ,how to cope up with this life long situation, where each day you are scared for your loved one , each day you find a nastier heartbreak in for you .

One can handle one’s own suffering as karma, but not for a loved one’s. How one can cope up with the spiralling downslide which is but inevitable for that family member.

This is a kind of pain or loss . How to make sense of what is happening ?And how does one move ahead?

It’s time for a web series on addiction and Restoration…. a Post will be published every Thursday night…

Stay Tuned…..


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