Us Against the World…

My sister and I, like a lot of other siblings, have a love-hate relationship. we’ve gone through different stages–from playmates to study buddies to besties to enemies to shopping partners to travel buddies and so on and so forth. We still don’t hug or even shake hands when we see each other after a long time. Yet, the smiles on our faces are enough for both of us to understand how much we’ve missed each other.

I’ve shared a room with my sister so we’ve always been close. Like most sisters, Of course, it wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies between us. We’ve had our fair share of fights and tears through the years. But even so, I can honestly say she’s always been there for me–cheering me on, supporting me in all my endeavors and even sacrificing her time and energy to help me with my life that don’t benefit her in any way. She’s the first person I run to whenever I need advice on anything and everything that’s important in my life, whenever someone is putting me down and whenever I need help. She’s my amigo, no. 1 supporter, defender and best friend. I may not tell her this much but I couldn’t ask for a better sister and I’m beyond grateful that I have her to hold my hand and guide me through life.

This is why whenever I see her sad, it pains me that I can’t seem to do the same for her–that I can’t wash away her worries the way she does for me and I can’t fix her problems the way she fixes mine. I wish I can make her see what I see in her because in my eyes, she’s a superwoman–smart, beautiful, and able to do anything she puts her mind into.

So to uplift my sister’s spirits, I thought I’d send a Small note to her way on this special day…

To my dearest Lota,

I may fight with you from time to time and be an enormous idiot, but you should know in your heart that I love you immensely and always will. I believe in you. Don’t forget to believe in yourself too. Have faith that things will work out because you deserve it. And if you get scared taking the big leap, know that I’m right beside you. It’s my turn to hold your hand through this.

Happy Birthday!


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